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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[IP] Press Release: New FCC Give-away

[IP] Press Release: New FCC Give-away: "The Federal Communications Commission may soon approve a policy that would benefit the four major broadcast networks at the expense of the public interest. CDD has learned that at their next (December) meeting, the FCC could approve a new plan that is at the top of the broadcast lobby's political agenda: a proposal that would enable each TV station to broadcast multiple interactive channels over cable systems. But the commission has thus far refused to require that broadcasters commit to a public interest 'quid pro quo ' in return, essentially giving the broadcasters the key to a digital 'Fort Knox' free of charge. Chairman Powell appears to be willing to appease his two Republican colleagues by voting for this measure, rather than risk the embarrassment of siding with his critics.

Known as digital multicasting must-carry (and included in such FCC dockets as 98-120, 99-360, and 00-167), the plan-like the Commission's controversial media ownership policies-is being debated behind closed doors by some of the country's most powerful media giants, including Disney/ABC, Comcast, and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)."THE WHOLE STORY[IP] Press Release: New FCC Give-away

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